Show Credits

Created and produced by: Amanda Philipson

Cast: Doug DeBeech, Susan Foley and Amanda Philipson

Directed By: Eric Hunicutt


Amanda Philipson

Amanda Philipson Amanda got her degree in Political Science from Brown University and immediately moved to Chicago where she found great fame and fortune as the Holiday Fairy Princess at the Marshall Fields department store. She also acted in some decent theater around Chicago in places like the Goodman Theatre, and did hard improv comedy time at the ImprovOlympic and ComedySportz. When the William Morris Agency signed her for voiceover and animation, she packed up, moved to LA, and became a waitress. In an attempt to work through the emotional pain of waiting tables, she created and spent the last three years producing, writing, acting in, and sometimes directing Gratuity Not Included through several sold-out runs and festival appearances. Also in her glamorous acting career in Los Angeles, she has been performing a valuable social service every day, informing the people of the United States and Canada that Bud Lite is “Fresh, Smooth, and Real,” and that, “Only at Burger King in every Kids’ Meal, you can show off your style with Bratz Genie Magic accessories!” She currently made headlines for her part in the Proactive commercials -- When Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan talk about their acne troubles, Amanda is the one who reassures you that “loving your skin just got easier.” – especially when you “pay only $19.95 for a thirty-day kit.” She just appeared in an episode of Close to Home on CBS, where she pled for her life but still got killed by a psycho, and recently completed work on The Boy Next Stall , in which she has an office romance resulting from a co-ed bathroom situation. This winter, look for her short film, The Fantastic Adventures of Tank Top Girl and Her Like, Amazing Friends . Amanda would like to thank her Mom and Dad for always sending her the good Bank of Utica click pens, and her great friends for always having her back and helping out at the last minute. Apparently, it takes a village to put on a restaurant-themed sketch show.

Susan Foley

Susan Foley Susan honed her comedy chops on the Chicago improv stage. Moving to LA after receiving her MA from Northwestern, she is thankful on a daily basis that she chose sun over snow. Susan just completed principal photography on The Wind and the Long Black Scarf and also recently appeared as a would-be stripper on NBC’s The Office . A dream finally come true, she recently appeared as Lady Macbeth with the Uprising Theatre Company and also received a Geoffrey Award for best supporting actress as Eva in Alan Ayckbourn’s Absurd Person Singular . Her film, Grace , just premiered at the Burbank Film Festival, and another indie film Trailer Trash continues to make the rounds at festivals. Soon she heads to New Mexico to start work on a new film, Stray Dog , where she plays a sharpshooting assassin. Check her out crushing on Bob the fish in a national Purex campaign on daytime television all day, every day. Thanks to a lovely cast for making this ode to survival jobs everywhere such a cathartic adventure. Susan is represented by the Rogers Orion Talent Agency, and by Osbrink for voiceovers and commercials.

Doug DeBeech

Doug DeBeech Doug’s love for comedy began when he was first told he wasn’t funny. Originally from New York, Doug is a graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center where he was a double major in Performing Arts and Communications. His recent film credits include supporting and lead roles in the feature films, “Breaking Up”, “An Inconvenient Head”, “Little Black Box”, “Together Alone”, “Checkout” “Sucker Punch” and the Toronto Film Festival top prize recipient “Bella”. Television credits include the lead role in writer/director Sri Rao’s series “Quarterlife”, a recurring role on “Another World”, and a co-star on “Third Watch”. Doug can currently be seen as a recurring character on the wickedly delicious series, “Wicked, Wicked Games”. Some of his New York stage credits include, “City of Angeles” (Stone), “Merrily We Roll Along” (Franklyn), “Godspell” (Judas), “Brighten Beach Memoirs” (Stanley), “Marvin’s Room” (Hank), and originating the role of “Chris” in the critically acclaimed off Broadway show, “Precipice”. Doug’s Los Angeles stage credits include the sketch comedy shows, “What a Muse Meant, “Super Identity Crisis” and the Los Angeles run of the off-Broadway drama, “Precipice”.Doug is thrilled to be bringing his many years of restaurant expertise to a table near you! Enjoy the show!

Eric Hunicutt

Eric Hunicutt Eric Hunicutt has been addicted to comedy since 1992 when he began improvising with ComedySportz in Raleigh, NC.  Since then, he spent 6 years writing, performing, and directing improv, sketch comedy, and plays in Chicago, where he studied at ImprovOlympic and The Second City, and was a member of the acclaimed ensemble The Reckoning. Currently Eric performs & teaches improv at ImprovOlympic West in Los Angeles. Recently he directed the sketch comedy show 25th Century Heroes: Bear Attack Summer and appeared in the short film Bicentennial Curious .

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