Thursday JUNE 5, 2008Show starts promptly at 11pm and it's a $5 show this year. The link to ticketweb goes up sometime today... The link to the fest schedule is
LA Improv Comedy Festival

Gratuity Not Included has been invited to appear at the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival!

Mainstage Show

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Show starts promptly at 11pm
6366 Hollywood Blvd 90028

Advance Tix Available ONLINE ONLY
Show is selling out. Get them soon!
(Proceeds from the Festival go to Project Angel Food)

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Short Film...

If we could do a show on Telemundo, it would be called Propina No Incluida Check out a few minutes of exclusive footage:

The Show...

Named "Comedy Pick" by the LA Times, Gratuity Not Included stars 3 performers who have waited on a lot of tables. So many magical things have happened to them while getting their customers more lemon, less butter, and sauce on the side, that they feel compelled to share their experiences with you in the form of a sketch comedy revue. This show is dedicated to all those who tip 20%... even when the food comes out late.

The Buzz...

"Dead-on observations from the snitty server set. What better bitchiness could there be?" - Ted Casablanca, E! TV/E!Online

"Hysterically Funny!!" - Andy Dick

"From now on, I'll ALWAYS tip 20%." - Charna Halpern, author, "Truth in Comedy"

"It's like 'Small Wonder,' but with less robots and more laughs." - MAD TV's Ike Barinholz

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